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ABCESS "Urine Junkies" CD (Relapse Recs) - RM50
AGATHOCLES "Obey Their Rules" (Teriak Records) – Belgium mincecore RM15
AGATHOCLES/NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM split CD (Horns & Hoofs Records) - Belgium/Ukraine Grindcore RM20
ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD (Self Made God Records) – Poland extreme metal grind RM30
ANTIGAMA "Zeroland" CD (Self Made God Records) – Poland extreme metal grind RM30
ANTIGAMA "Intellect Made Us Blind" CD (Self Made God Records) – Poland extreme metal grind RM30
ATOMICDEATH/BLOODSTONE "Hellish Nuclear Destruction" split CD (Blood of War Records) - Malaysia/Singapore thrash RM20
ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN "Scumdogs of The Forest" (Scrotum Jus Records) - Sweden Grindcore RM20
ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN "Grind The Enimal" (Scrotum Jus Records) - Sweden Grindcore RM20
AUTOPSY "Ridden With Disease" CD (Necroharmonic Recs) - RM50
ARCHAGATUS/KERENANEKO "Mince To Death" Split CD (Cactus Records) - Canada/Malaysia mince grindcore RM15
BATHTUB SHITTER "Shitter At Salzgitter" CD (Power It Up Recs) - Japan Grindcore RM20
BATHTUB SHITTER "Xmas" MCD (Self Release) - Japan Grindcore RM10
BATHTUB SHITTER "Angel Save Us + Mark A Muck" CD (Shit Jam Recs) - RM20
BATHTUB SHITTER "Lifetime Shitlist" CD (Shit Jam Recs) - RM20
BATHTUB SHITTER "Grind Dance Hall" CD (Shit Jam Recs) - RM20
BEAST IN HEAD "The Real Fonzie..."CD (Mortville Recs) - Australian punk RM20
BLACK WINGS OF VENGEANCE "Penetration Of Evil" (Self Release) - Malaysia d-beat black metal RM10
BLOOD DUSTER "Str8outtanorthcote" (Relapse Records) - Australia Grindcore RM35
BLOOD BASTARD/HYMEN HOLOCAUST split CD "Circus of Tools" (Scrotum Jus Records) - Grindcore RM20
BLOODFREAK "Mindscraper" (Willowtip Records) - US grind/death RM45
BLOOD I BLEED "High Octane Thrash" CD (Self Made God Records) – Netherland 80’s hardcore/grind/thrashcore RM30
BRUCE x CAMBELL "We Are All Kamikaze" CD (RSR) - US Grindcore RM30
BURIED AT BIRTH "Force Quit" CD (Give Praise Records) - RM25
CAPTAIN THREE LEG "Shattered Limbs Braided Into The Spokes of The Death Machine" Pro CD-r (Mortville Recs) - Ohio Noise RM10
CAPTAIN 3 LEG/WHORETORN/YEAST INFECTION 3 way split CD (Mortville Recs) - Noise grind RM20
CARBURETOR DUNG "Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam" CD Boxset (Ricecooker Records) - New album 2012 Malaysia old timer punk rawk RM25
CATHETER "Preamble To Oblivion" CD (Self Made God) – Colorado grindcore bulldozer RM30
CRUX/PAZAHORA split CD Digipak - Australian / Singapore punk crust hardcore RM15
DEAD INFACTION "Human Slaughter... Till Remain" (Self Made God Records) – Poland goregrind in the vein of Carcass, General Surgery, Regurgitate. Sick! CD RM30
DIORRHEA / AHORKADO Split CD (Teriak Records) – Italian grind/crust meet Mexico goregrind RM15
DISCONVENIENCE "Umea Punk City" (Cactus Records) - Sweden punk RM15
DISCOVER "Stench of Death" (Black Konflik Records) - D-Beat crust punk RM20
DRUG HONKEY "Death Dub" (Self Release) - US death/doom RM30
FATAL NUNCHAKU "Paving Stone Under The Beach" (Teriak Records) – France powerviolence RM15
FATAL NUNCHAKU/BOB BARKER Split CD (Teriak Records) – France / US fast power violence RM15
FEASTEM "Fear In Concrete" (Scrotum Jus Recs) - Grindcore RM20
FRANKIE HILL "Seven Ply" Discography CD (7" Cover) (Give Praise Records) – US fast skate core RM25
GASMASK TERROR "Complete Recording 2004-2010" (Cactus Records) - Swedish hardcore punk RM10
GAF "Mongofied" (Scrotum Jus Records) - Grindcore RM20
GENERAL SURGERY/BUTCHER ABC split CD (Obliteration Records) - Sweden Grindcore meet Japan death grind RM35
GHAUST/ASEETHE split CD (Cactus Records) - doom RM20
GORESLUTS "Cumshot Kamikaze" (Dark Coleseum Records) - Malaysia goregrind RM10
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH "Horror Rises From The Tomb" (Razorback Records) - US Grindcore RM35
GUS CHAMBER AND THE RAPE APES "18 Satanic Banana Benders!" CD (Mortville Recs) - Australian punk RM20
HATRED SURGE "Deconstruct" CD (BlastAsFuk Records) -  Texas raw, power-grind RM25
HELLBASTARD "The Need To Kill" CD (Self Made God Records) – UK crossover metal/crust RM30
HELLSTORM "Ribut Neraka 666" CD (Derangement Project Prods) - Malaysia black metal RM20
HEP-Z  "Day Planner of A Madman" CD (100% Zero Records) – US greatest rock band ever RM20
HUMILIATION "Face the Disaster“ Mini CD (Nebiula Productions) Malaysia death metal  CDEP 2009 RM15
HUMILIATION "Dawn of Warfare“ CD (Nebiula Productions) - Malaysia death metal album 2010 RM20
HUMILIATION "Seek to Survive“ CD (Ultra Hingax Productions) - Malaysia death metal album 2011 RM25
HUMILIATION "From Strength to Strength" (Ultra Hingax Productions) – Malaysia death metal like Bolt Thrower new album 2012 RM25
IMPETIGO "Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust" (Epitomite Productions) - US legend grindgore RM35
IN DISGUST "San Jose Oldies Vol 1" (Torture Garden Records) - US grind power violence RM30
INSTILLED "Unfinished Business" (State of Mind Recordings) - US Hardcore RM35
KAH-ROE-SHI "Shi" CD (Kandar Mosh) - Malaysia heavy crust RM10
LAPINPOLTHAJAT "Self Title" (Totalmangel Records) - Finnish hardcore punk RM15
MAGRUDERGRIND "Grind Crusher" CD (RSR) - US grind RM30
MASACRE "Sacro" (Obliteration Records) - Legendary Mexico death metal RM30
MINAX "Vengeance Rising" (HPGD Productions) - US thrash metal with female vocal RM35
MOONSHINE "Self Title" (Torture Garden Records) - RM35
MY MINDS MINE "48 Reason To Leave This Planet" (Self Made God Records) - US Grindcore RM35
NEKROPOL "Messenger of Fallen Angel" (Imperium Productions) - death metal RM30
NETJAJEV SOCIETY SYSTEM "Self Title" CD (No Fucking Label) - Sweden thrashcore/fastcore RM20
NEUROPATHIA "Graveyard Cowboy" CD (Self Made God Records) – Poland splatter grind RM30
NINJA HATORY "Self Title" CD (Tarung Recs) - Indonesia thrashcore RM10
NOISEAR "Red Tape Agenda" (Blastfuck Records) - US noise grind RM20
NUISANCE DRILLED "All Is Well Euphoric Ending" CD Digipak (Revulsion Recs) - RM12
OBSCURE OATH/SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT split CD (Rotten Roll Records) - Grindcore RM30
OCTOBER 31 "Stagefright" (Thrash Corner Records) - Thrash heavy metal RM30
OFFAL "Self Title" (The Hole Prods) - Brazil gore death metal Autopsy cover RM25
PEREK KASI GEREK "Cynically Fast Runaway" (Self Release) - Malaysia fun fastcore RM10
PISSCHRIST "Nothing Has Changed" CD (Ricecooker Recs) - Australian d-beat crust RM15
POSER DISPOSER "Waiting To Inhale" CD (RSR) - Canada Grindcore RM30
PSYCHO "The Grind Years" (Self Made God Records) - US legendary grindcore RM35
PURULENT INFECTION "Exhuming The Petrescent" (Crematorium Records) - RM35
PUTRID SCUM "Self Title" (PW Prods) - RM20
RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN "Songs of Death... Songs of Hell" (Obliteration Records) - US death metal RM30
RETALIATION "Exhuming The Past - 14 Years of Nothing" CD (Self Made God Records) -  Swedish grindcore RM30
REBELS ADVOCATE/WENDOL split CD (Buried In Hell Records) - grind crust punk RM25
ROADSIDE BURIAL/CORPSICKLE split CD (Grindhead Records) - Grindcore RM20
ROT/DEATH SLAM split CD (Basement Records) - Brazilian Grindcore RM15
RUPTURE "Jubilee - 49 Greatest Hates" CD (Kandar Mosh) - Legendary Australian hate punk hardcore/fastcore RM10
SABBAT "Live In San Francisconslaught" CD (Witchhammer Prods) - Japan black/thrash metal legend RM30
SARCASM "Noise Bastards Vol 1" CD (Impulso Ruin Recs) - Noise hardcore punk RM35
SARCOPHAGA CARNARIA/MORTUARY HACKING SESSION split CD (Last House On The Right Records) - porn grind RM30
SKRUPEL "Gyroscan T5-11+" CD (RSR) - Germany grindcore RM30
SLAKTRENS "Stralande Tider" (Teriak Records) – Sweden fast hardcore 80’s style RM15
SMASHED FACE "Human: Earth Parasite" CD (Radianon Noise Prods) - Czech Republic death grind RM30
SOCKEYE "Retards Hiss Past My Window" CD (Mortville Recs) - RM20
SOILS OF FATE "Highest In The Hierarchy Of Blasting Sickness" CD (Forensick Music) - Sweden Grindcore RM30
SOLDERED POON/VISCEROMEGALIA split CD (Last House On The Right Recs) - Porngrind RM30
SOULLESS/EXSECRATOR "Inheritance of The Wicked Empire" split CD (Eyes of The Dead Prods) - Poland/Italy Thrash Metal RM30
SPERMBLAST "Grinding Axe" CD (Dark Coleseum Recs) - Malaysia grindcore RM10
SPITZUM "Self Title" CD-r (Self Release) - Sarawak new good Grindcore band to check it out RM7
SPUN IN DARKNESS "Feast Of The Undead" CD (Horror Pain Gore Death Prods) - US death metal RM35
SSORC "Infidel Eternal" CD (Armageddon Recs) - Japan Black Metal RM35
SUBCUT/DISTURBANCE PROJECT split CD (Vomit Noise Prods) - Spain Grindcore RM30
TERROR THRONE "World On It's Knees" CD (Sempiternal Prods) - US black metal RM35
THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN "Pissedography" CD (Give Praise Records) – US fastcore good power violence RM25
THE KILL "Hate Sessions 2000-2002" (No Escape Recs) - Australian hate grind RM30
TOOLS OF THE TRADE "Inmate Consumption" (Symphonic Blast Prods) - Malaysia Grindcore RM15
TORTURE INCIDENT "The Deadly Efficiency Of Napalm" (Dark Coleseum Recs) - Malaysia Grindcore RM15
TUMOUR "Spinal - Castrated Humanoid" CD (Half Life Recs) - Goregrind RM30
TU CARNE "The Pig Sessions" (Last House On The Right Recs) - Spain grind-death-gore RM35
TU CARNE "Antologia Del Horror Extremo" CD (Hecatombe Recs) - Spain grind-death-gore RM35
ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE "Pornkult" CD (Rotten Roll Recs) - Italian porn grind RM30
UNHOLY GRAVE/PLAGUE RAGES split CD (Grinder Noise Attack Recs) - Japan/Brazil Grindcore RM30
VIOLENT HEADACHE "The Noise Days" 2x Pro CD-r (Mortville Recs) - Noise grind RM15
VIOLENCE HEADACHE "Rare Sessions 1991-97" Pro CD-r (Mortville Recs) - Noise grind RM5
VOORHEES "13" CD (Six Weeks Recs) - England thrashcore RM25
WADGE "The Road To Hana" CD (RSR) - Canada surf grind RM30
WALKINBIRD "Hole In The Sun" (Lunar Discs LLC) - RM30
WARCRY "When Come The End?" (Criminal Attack Recs) - Brazil anarchic noise destruction RM25
WARSORE "Violent Swing Discography" 2X Double CD (BlastAsFuk Records) – Australian grindcore veteran RM50
WATCH ME BURN/SPERMBLAST split CD (Rhapsodeath Prods) - US/Malaysia Grindcore RM15
WEEKEND NACHOS "Punish And Destroy + Torture" CD (RSR) - US hardcore powerviolence RM30
WHITE EYES "Beastmode" CD (BlastAsFuk Records) – Australian grindcore RM25
WOJCZECH/INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL split CD (Rescue From Life Recs) - Germany grind/crust core RM30
WOJCZECH "Sedimente" (Self Made God Recs) - Germany Grindcore RM30
WORMROT/I ABHOR split CD (Scrotum Jus Recs) - Grindcore RM25
YOUR KID'S ON FIRE "Aught Six: A Necrodyssey" (Redrum Recs) - US noise gore grind RM30

Compilation CD:

3 Way Split CD Feat: FAMILY MAN, INJAKMATI & MICHAEL CRAFTER RM10 (Death Mutt Records)
Burn Alive Compilation Volume One CD (feat: INSECT WARFARE, POSER DISPOSER, BIRDFLESH, YOUR KID'S ON FIRE, and many more) RM15
(Porcupine Pros)
Humanity Brutality 3 Way Split  CD Feat: DISCRUSHER, HELLEXIST & BLACK WING OF VENGEANCE RM10 (Death Mutt Records)
ILLEGAL GRINDING An International Grindcore Gathering CD (Teriak Records) RM15
MABUKKUASA 3 way split CD Feat: MDC, THE BOLLOCKS & CARBURETOR DUNG - All veteran punk from USA and Malaysia RM15 (Jerk Off Records)
NOISY GORENG 4 way split CD (feat: Deathgrenade, The Craw, Projekbabi, KrassKepala) RM10 (Live Fast Die Drunk Recs)
SLIMEWAVE "Goregrind Compilation" CD (feat: Cripple Bastards, Inhume, Bathtub Shitter, Machetazo, Rot, Total Fucking Destruction, XXX Maniak, Throat Plunger, etc) RM30 (Relapse Recs)
V/A. COMPILATION CONTRIBUTION Part. 4 & 5 "The End of Compilation Contribution" Double / 2x CDs RM20 (Teriak Records)

Vinyl (5", 7", 10", LP):

DECREPITAPH "Condemned Cathedral" (I Hate Recs) - US ancient death metal RM75
CONTAGIUM "Archaic" LP color vinyl(The Total End Recs) - crusty RM70
MALIGNANCY "Inhuman Grotesqueries" LP (Haunted Hotel Recs) - NY death grind RM50
MUNICIPAL WASTE "Waste 'Em All" LP clear vinyl (Six Weeks Recs) - US Crossover thrash RM70

ARCHAGATUS/EMBALMING THEATRE split 7" (Torture Garden Recs) - Grindcore RM20
ASS / DOCTOR BITCH Split 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM20
ANTISEEN "Thee From Parts Unknown" EP gatefold 7" (Scarey Recs) - US legendary punk RM20
BATHTUB SHITTER/JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE split 7" color vinyl (Relapse Recs) - Japan and German Grindcore RM25
BEER CORPSE "Keg Nuts" 7" (Give Praise Records) – RM20
BREATHILIZOR "Metal Dump of Outer Space Confusion aka Hamburglar's Toast" 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM20
BREATHILIZOR / SYPHILITIC VAGINAS Split 7“ 100% Zero Records) – RM25
BREATHILIZOR / Kolob Trust Fund Split 7" (color vinyl) (100% Zero Records) – RM20
BROKEN BONES "Death Walk The Streets" 7" (Dr Strange Recs) - UK legendary punk RM20
BULEMICS "Burn Baby Burn" 7" (Scarey Recs) - US horror punk rock RM20
BULEMICS w Texas Terri "Product Of America" 7" (Scarey Recs) - US horror punk rock RM20
BULEMICS/THE 13th VICTIM split 7" (Scarey Recs) - both US horror punk rock RM20
COMPLETE WASTE "S/T" 7" (Grive Praise Records) – RM20
FINAL DRAFT "S/T" 7" (Give Praise Records) – RM20
GET DESTROYED "Shut In" 7" (625 Thrash Records) – RM25
GORGONIZED DORKS / ASS Split 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM20
HOOKERS/HELLSTOMPER split 7" (Scarey Recs) - US punk split RM20
MERDA / MORTO PELA ESCOLA Split 7" (color vinyl) (Give Praise Records) – RM20
THE LETTUCE VULTURES / AGATHOCLES Split 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM20
LETTUCE VULTURES / XBRANIAX Split 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM20
NIESTROY "Ashamed" 7" (Cut Out Recs) - German anarcho punk RM15
ROCKY vs RAMBO split 4 way 7" feat: EVERYBODY's ENEMY, WEOT SKAM, SNAKEPIT, HATEFUL MONDAY (Kandar Mosh) - Japan, Malaysia, Canada & Switzerland thrashcore hardcore punk RM15
RUNNAMUCKS "Untouchable" EP 7" (Gnarly Slaughter Recs) - US thrash rock n roll RM20
SOCKEYE "Beefing Ting Ting" EP 7" (100% Zero Records) – RM25
SS20/FAN ZUI XIANG FA split 7" (Bullwhip Recs) - Germany/China fast hardcore RM20
TERROR FIRMER/MINKIONS split 7" (Kandar Mosh) - Italian thrashcore grind RM20
THE SCROUNGERS "Weak As Piss" 7" (Mortville Recs) - US punk RM20
THE BADNADS "Japan Bloodbath" gatefold 7" (Scarey Recs) - US wrestling punk RM20
THE CRAW/DEATH GRENADE split 7" (Live Fast Die Drunk Recs) - Australian thrashcore grind RM18
THINK TWICE "National Sacrifice Zone" 7" (Give Praise Records) - rm20
WEAK MINDS "self title" 7" (Torture Garden Recs) - US power violence RM20


ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS/PROLETAR split tape (Disco 346 Recs) - Malaysia/Indonesia Grindcore RM6
ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS/SENGAYA split tape (Revulsion Recs) - Grindcore RM6
ANGKARA "An Anger of Wars Distortion" tape (Self Release) - Malaysia d-beat raw punk RM6
BETON "S/T" (Death Mutt Records) – RM6
BLACK MARKET FETUS "Split Collection" (Give Praise Records) – US fast thrashcore RM10
BLOODRAISED "Full Of Shit" tape (Toxic Shocked Recs) - US Grindcore RM6
DRUG MONEY "Demo" (Give Praise Records) – US fast hardcore RM6
EPIDEMICS "No Reply" EP tape (Cactus Recs) - Sweden punk rock RM6
FIRST BLOOD/DISARM split tape (Sukma Recs) - Indonesia/Brazil d-beat crust RM6
FKU "Sometime They Come Back... To Mosh" tape (Kandar Mosh) - Sweden horror thrash crossover metal RM6
GASOLINE GRENADE/THE MINDLESS SHOW split tape (Pissart Recs) - Malaysia punk RM6
GURKHA "S/T" (Death Mutt Records) – UK Punk Thrash RM6
IRON LUNG "Sexless//No Sex" tape (Cactus Recs) - US power violence RM6
LOBOTOMY "Speed Metal Warfare" tape (Witch Hammer Prods) - Malaysia speed metal RM10
LOSING SIX SECONDS "Omniscient And In Control" (Give Praise Records) – Punk Hardcore RM6
MACHETAZO "Crypt Marror And Desolation" tape (Kandar Mosh) - Spain horror grind RM6
MOTHER SPEED/TAKE IT BACK split tape (Pissart Recs) - US/Indonesia skate thrashcore RM6
NACHZEHRER "Pestilence Hungers In The Shadow" tape (Demon Gates Recs) - US death/black metal RM10
PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI "De Anarkistiske An(n)aler" tape (Revulsion Recs) - Norway noise grind RM6
REASON TO RESIST "Existence Of A Bastards" tape (Cactus Recs) - Malaysia crossover crust RM6
ROSKOPP / NO THOUGHT Split tape (Give Praise Records) – Brutal blasting grindcore RM7
SISTA SEKUNDEN "Aging With Style" tape (Cactus Recs) - Sweden hardcore punk RM6
WASTED TIME "2005-2009: Four Years of Futility" tape (Ricecooker Recs) - US hardcore punk RM8


MOSH 001: SAMURAI CHAMPLOO / LxExAxRxNx Split Tape (Malaysia/Italian thrashcore) (SOLD OUT)
MOSH 002: KAH-ROE-SHI "SHI“ CD (Malaysia heavy hardcore crust) RM10 (SOLD OUT)
MOSH 003: FKU "METAL MOSHING MAD“ Tape (Sweden horror thrash metal) (SOLD OUT)
MOSH 007: TERROR FIRMER / MINKIONS SPLIT 7" (Italian thrash/grind/crossover) RM15
MOSH 008: F.K.U. "SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK... TO MOSH!" CASSETTE (Swedish horror thrash 2nd album) RM6 (SOLD OUT)
MOSH 009: DISHAMMER "COLLECTION 2008-2010" CASSETTE (Spain metal punk) (SOLD OUT)
MOSH 011: ROCKY VS RAMBO 4-WAY SPLIT 7“ FEATURING: Everybody's Enemy (JP), Weot Skam (MY), Snakepit (CAN), Hateful Monday (SWITZ) (All band play thrash fast hardcore/punk) RM15
MOSH013: RUPTURE "JUBILEE - 49 GREATEST HATES!" CD (Perth's most controversial band, legendary punks) RM10

MOSH014: AGATHOCLES “Razor Sharp Daggers” CASSETTE (the most outrageous album of the Belgium master of mincecore, limited hand numbered 200 copies worldwide)

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