Monday, October 22, 2012

AGATHOCLES "Razor Sharp Daggers" Cassette is OUT BY KANDAR MOSH!

Agathocles "Razor Sharp Daggers" Cassette

The most outrageous album from these Belgian grinders has now been released for the first time ever on cassette by Kandar Mosh Distro! Features the original cover art from the initial 1993 release but all new layout. Limited Edition of 200 Handnumbered Copies! Grab this album and Mince the night away!

Price: rm8 // rm13 ppd // USD6 ppd worldwide
Status: Available

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ToughSkins / Zitsquatch - Split 7"

JUST RELEASE by Wheelchair Full of Old Men!
Toughskins / Zitsquatch split 7" EP. This is the Toughskins from Kent, OHIO that includes guys from Sockeye. 3 songs by Toughskins including a song bashing Pushead, see cover art. Silly Oi! parody by Sockeye dudes. 4 songs by Zitsquatch - crazy noise punk with Steveggs from Pile of Eggs and Poopy from Sockeye.

Price: RM20 // RM25 ppd
Status: Available


PROLETAR from Indonesia team up with GREBER from USA both play killer grindcore in this awesome split cassette release.

Price: RM7 // RM11 ppd // USD6 worldwide
Status: Available