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This section is for talking about stuff I like and collect. It could be anything from vinyl collecting to movies, skateboarding or comics. I'll write and upload pictures from time to time. These aren't product reviews; I'm just sharing what I like with all of you. I just upload the picture and you can see it. I would love any of your feedback or if you can add any details or information I might have missed. If you don't want it then fuck off. 

Kandar Log Sept 11th 2012
MUNICIPAL WASTE / TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Toxic Waste" Split Limited Edition Picture Disc 12"
Another Municipal Waste vinyl? Ahh shit... For those who think this is uncool, shut the fuck up. Just read this, at the end at least you know how uncool I am. 

As a Municipal Waste collector, I've counting the days til the release (or pre-order? I forgot because it's been few month ago) of this split entitle TOXIC WASTE, following all the updates on Scotty and Tank Crimes' facebook pages. There's two different versions of this "Limited Edition". One is a Picture Disc and the other one is Glow In The Dark vinyl. 

Glow in the dark vinyl doesn't excite me much. I mean who wants to listen to a record in the dark? I've also read that somewhere in the interweb said that the sound quality of glow in the dark vinyl is low as there is some kind of static in the sound. I'm not really sure about that though, so if you vinyl smart ass fans out there want to correct me, please, I'm waiting.  I've thought twice about getting the picture disc version too, as most picture disc vinyl doesn't come with inserts, cover jacket, etc. At first I thought about getting both the glow in the dark and picture disc versions, but since my wife is not the boss of a nuclear power plant, I can't ask her for money to buy two versions at once. Acting like a prick, I still want either one as long as it is Limited Edition. Later on I found out that actually the picture disc did come out with a cover jacket and inside sleeve after all. Also this Limited Edition version comes with a speed metal punk beer koozie and a poster. So in the end I decided that I will just order the picture disc. 

So when it come to the date, I checked the website and ordered it. I had the feeling that it would sell out fast eventhough it was limited to 500 copies (quite a lot). And it did. It suprised me that the glow in the dark version actually sold out more quickly than the picture disc. Haha. I wonder why. I think it took 2 or 3 days to sell out and the picture disc took a week. I'm not really sure though, fuck off! Who cares anyway. 

The cover artwork is done by Andrei Bouzikov. I've notice Andrei Bouzikov artwork before from his own band with Scotty Tank Crimes called DEADFALL. I think that's why the cover art for most Tank Crimes releases are done by A.Bouzikov. Plus his work is amazing. He has also done two album covers for The Waste before. He's good before and now. I think for this cover artwork, it is really more Municipal Waste style rather than Toxic Holocaust. I dont know, maybe I'm still following the shadow of his past Municipal Waste album cover artwork. But this is the best artwork for Municipal Waste (and Toxic Holocaust) so far. The colors are great too!

The vinyl is on 180 grams, which is the other thing I love about it. Two songs in each side in 45 rpm. Toxic Holocaust play a kind of thrash metal punk death squad style and Municipal Waste give you thrash crossover hardcore kind of stuff. I enjoyed all 4 songs. All 4 songs are great! That's all I need to say. 

So if you missed the Limited Edition version, there's still a lot of normal color versions (which is also a beautiful piece of shit to collect) sell in Tank Crimes website. I don't think Tank Crimes presses black vinyl though but I'm not so sure. For me this split is worth buying if you like to collect vinyl. For those who live in Malaysia, there's a distributor selling the normal color version of this for RM55 or something. Fair price! Go order it now or fuck Municipal Holocaust and continue jerking off (if it's the only thing you love to do).


Kandar Log July 29th 2012
F.K.U. "Where Moshers Dwell" LP
For those who don't know about F.K.U., it stands for "Freddy Krueger's Underwear". They're from Upsala, Sweden, and play thrash metal with lyrics talking about horror in funny way. F.K.U. play really good horror thrash metal since the 90's. I started listen to FKU from Jill's old label (Razorback Records) re-released their first album, "Metal Moshing Mad." That album just blew me away. Since then I've been hunting their releases. They don't really do a lot of splits though. They have one demo, three seven inches, a few compilations and three full length albums so far. 
Album Cover
Back Cover
I've been in contact with Pat (bassist) for years and I did an official release of their first two albums on cassette format under my Kandar Mosh label. We've  been talking about continue with "Where Moshers Dwell" (WMD) on cassette format in the future.

Earlier in this month,  Pat sent me the CD of the WMD album together with this beautiful LP! I'm so happy! Not just because I can enjoy looking at the big beautiful artwork by Jeff Zornow, but because this is also their first album that has never been released on LP!

All of the artwork in this LP has done by Jeff Zornow, including the back cover, and vinyl labels. Another great thing about this release is, it comes with an awesome 12" comic book also drawn by Zornow. 

All the photos are by Soile Siirtola and their horror make up cuts and ugly faces by Erika Nicklasson.

So go get yourself this fine album and enjoy listerning to awesome music while reading an awesome comic. This album will not disappoint. Get it from TPL Records for 20 euro (I think). As for the cassette format, wait and it will be out on Kandar Mosh pretty.. pretty soon! Now I tell you this might be the last tape of them I can do because their next album will be released by a giant metal label NAPALM RECORDS as they signed with NAPALM few months ago. You can't miss this mister!

And now let me tell you what the meaning behind the band name. The funny thing about Freddy Krueger's Underwear (F.K.U.) is when you figure out that Freddy Krueger can never change his underwear because his fingers are knives. It's not the killings that make Freddy so scary..

Four fingers in the air and never.. change your underwear! 


Kandar Log June 12th 2012
MUNICIPAL WASTE "The Fatal Feast" Collector's Edition Pop Up LP
Here 's the new album from the kings of new wave of crossover thrash from Richmond Vignia. The band stays true to their sound with this new effort. Still fast and fun to listen to. The Waste never disappoints. I love it. This is their 5th album and the first under their new label, Nuclear Blast Records.

Front Cover
 Back Cover

This time The Waste hired Justin Osbourn for the cover artwork. At first I thought that they were still using the same artist from the last two albums, Andrei. But Justin Osbourn really did a good job with it, a zombie eating a man in space. It fits the concept in this album, the title of all the songs and lyrics. 

This Collectors' Edition Pop Up LP is limited to 500 copies worldwide. There are a lot of different versions of this release: 1st press edition, pop up edition, special packaging edition with exclusive Waste shirt, limited cd with platic 'space' gabage bag (in case you want to listen to this album in space and throw this album in the garbage if you don't like it), etc. I chose this edition because it's the only edition that comes with The Waste 2 song 7" as a bonus. My copy is 105/500. 
7" Front Cover

7" Back Cover 

The LP is red vinyl, comes with a cd that has all the songs on the LP including a bonus track titled, "Eviction Party" that is not included in the normal CD release. There's also a signed poster and most importantly the blue color vinyl 7" complete with the cover jacket. But there's one thing that I feel wretched about, this LP didn't come with any inlay sleeve. What a shame. That means there's no lyrics or info about the recording. So I think if you buy this Collector's Edition, you still need to buy the normal CD to get the lyrics and liner notes (as I've done). 
Sign Poster


Kandar Log May 13th 2012
NUNSLAUGHTER/SABBAT "Sabbatical Nunslaughter Goat Metal Assault" split double cassette
I hate when somebody releases a CD and puts it in a DVD case. For me it ruins the uniformity of my CD shelves. It's a collector's pet peeve. It's not that creative anyway. Boxset CDs are still ok even if they're a little bit bigger than a normal CD case, as they can still fit nicely on the shelf.  
But when Witchhammer Productions from Thailand released the mighty death/black/thrash metal NUNSLAUGHTER / SABBAT split cassette in a double case, I was stoked! This case might be a little bit higher than the normal cassette case, but it's still nice to see it with the other tapes on my cassette shelf.
The NUNSLAUGHTER / SABBAT double cassette split (entitled "Sabbatical Nunslaughter Goat Metal Assault"), was release in 2011. I got it from a trade of my release, the DISHAMMER cassette last year. I only got 5 copies and sold it quick for RM30 each. I never thought Malaysians still want to buy tapes for that price, but I guess it is a fair price for a double cassette. I ask ed Witchhammer Productions for a restock for my distro few week after that, but it's already sold out completely, as it was limited to 300 copies. My personal copy is numbered 199/300. 

NUNSLAUGHTER gives you 18 tracks taken from their live set on July 9th 2011 at Asterisk Gallery in Tremont, in Cleveland Ohio. The sound of the recording is good so you don't have to worry about a shitty underground live recording. You can hear the interaction between them and the audience. 9 songs in each side filled with total evil speed death/thrash metal. 
In my opinion, I love to listen to NUNSLAUGHTER more in their live set better than in the album. Haha. It makes me feel "live" and "death (metal)" at the same time. 
On the other tape, SABBAT from Japan gives you 12 songs recorded live at 3 different places in 2004. I really enjoyed SABBAT's tape. Actually I've played this tape a lot. They play satanic thrash metal with a Japanese flair. SABBAT are like Japan Samurai warriors with guitar, bass and drumsticks as their swords. They really kill with honor by evil, demonic and satanic thrash metal. They send you to hell so you can enjoy more of their music. 6 tracks on each side. 
Overall, this release is killer and must have for a fans of both bands. I'm not a huge collector of both bands (just have 5 or 6 of their releases), but I can't miss out on this beautiful piece of shit, especially because it's released in the South East Asian region. Nice packaging, layout and music. I will buy any of their stuff if it's worth to buy and easy to get (I'm looking forward to getting the SABBAT box set triple CDs release by FOAD records in Italy. Hope it's not sold out yet. Check it out with google mama!). Just now I checked the double cassette online; it hasn't even been out for a full year yet and somebody
 is already selling it on eBay for $50 US.! Shizznit!

Kandar Log May 11th 2012
HERESY "1985-'87" LP
I've never owned any OG HERESY vinyl. I've listened to HERESY on the cd released by rip off label Lost & Found Records. Back then in 90's I listened to them in an Earache Records compilation tape was distributed here in Malaysia by VSP (RIP). So now that I have some money, I'm happy to have finally gotten a new copy of a HERESY Compilation orange vinyl LP released by BOSS TUNEAGE RETRO in 2005 - 2006 (I think? Help me out).
This LP compiles all the songs from their studio recording in 1985 - 1987.  Songs are taken from the "Never Healed" flexi EP, the "Thanks!" EP and also include unreleased tracks.
There's some rad old photos taken in 86/87. I don't really know if these pictures are taken from their old releases. 
The insert come with lyrics and a long liner notes from Kalv.  Musically, do I need to write here? I don't think so. You already know this band and if you don't, why you read this blog anyway? Shit.

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