Wednesday, March 21, 2012


These guys are now my heroes! I would pay a million dollars for this album. If you don't buy a copy, don't you dare ever buy another Grimoire because you will not deserve it. I am calling on you to support this genius band. - Bill Zebub / The GRIMOIRE MAGAZINE

If you like Bathtub Shitter's earlier release, you are bound to love DANCE HALL GRIND. If you are not familiar with them, you should know that a love for extreme metal and a healthy sense of humor are prerequisites for this masterpiece of scatological fun. - DisAgreement / Radio ARA

Price: RM20 // RM25 ppd // USD12 Worldwide
Status: Available

BATHTUB SHITTER "Angels Save Us + Mark A Muck" CD

Coupled 4th single MARK A MUCK with 5th single ANGELS SAVE US, album on good way as 2 eps in 1 cd, both singles are semipermanent out of print, that they are so hard to find, it finally comes to be first time on CD format, here was sounds of very interest which was recorded between WALL OF WORLD IS WORDS and LIFETIME SHITLIST, total 15 songs for grind mayhem!!!

Price: RM20 // RM25 ppd // USD12 Worldwide
Status: Available 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BATHTUB SHITTER "Lifetime Shitlist" CD

Re-issue with one bonus track, original release by SHIT JAM RECORDS 2003, This was B's first full length album and classic for grind lover, you will feel missing link at the history of grind core, gore, crust, death and various grind style are here. TOTAL GRIND!!! and LIFETIME SHITLIST!!! This is answer for grindcore from BATHTUB SHITTER!!!

Price: RM20 // RM25 ppd // USD12 Worldwide
Status: Available 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


RUPTURE "Jubilee - 49 Greatest Hates" CD
"The devils of bonobos, most controversial band, legendary Perth's punks RUPTURE, return with a new CD- Asian release of their 1st 'greatest hates' CD. 49 of their most despicable, HATE-filled songs dedicated to HATING everything in this world and selected HATEFULLY by the original band members. Comes liner notes by Plastic B., a fellow ex-Perth punk and friend, the details of the release and year of recording for every song, as well new cover artwork. Guaranteed to make everyone HATE you for playing this non-stop! Co released with Kandar Mosh Distro, Rest In Punk Records and Monkey Motherfucker Productions."

Release Date: 2012
Format: CD
Price: rm10 // rm15 ppd // USD10 ppd worldwide
Status: Available

Available now for order, trade or wholesale!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


This shirt artwork is done by Malaysian artist Yusth. You can go find him in facebook under the name of Ron Sabi Ron. Good luck!
By the way, the shirt will be out soon!