Saturday, August 25, 2012


1) BOLD "The Search (1985 to 1989)" CD RM55
2) JUDGE "Discography CD RM55
3) CROSS EXAMINATION "Menace II Sobriety" CD RM50
4) LARM "Extreme Noise" CD  RM50
5) RAMBO "Bring It" CD (with DVD) RM50

ALL SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)

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1) RAW POWER "Wop Hour" 7" color vinyl RM30 SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)
2) ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS "We're Gonna Find A Way" 7" color vinyl (red) RM30
3) EXTORTION "Control" 7" RM25 SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)
4) EXTORTION/AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE split 7" RM25 SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)
5) EXTORTION/SEPTIC SURGE split 7" RM25 SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)

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1) DISCHARGE "State Violence, State Control" 7" RM25
2) DISCHARGE "Fight Back" 7" RM25
3) DISCHARGE "Decontrol" 7" RM25
4) DISCHARGE "Realities of War" 7" RM25
5) DISCHARGE/MG 15 split 7" RM25

ALL SOLD OUT (update Sept 15th 2012)

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Friday, August 24, 2012


All of you long-haired wastoids presently staring at the fridge, beer bong ready, weed order placed, Cheetos-in-bowl, etc… impatiently waiting for the new Municipal Waste record to drop, you might want to wrap your headbang around the new demo from IRON REAGAN. Featuring Waste singer/party enabler Tony Foresta and bassist Phil “LandPhil” Hall, the line-up is rounded out by Paul Burnette and Ryan Parrish, both formerly of Darkest Hour.
As you’d expect/hope, their four-track demo eschews overly-complicated arrangements in favor of hardcore/crossover, let’s-go-thrash-it-up jams in the vein of D.R.I. and so forth. If it wasn’t permanent winter at the Deciblog we’d have drained the pool and got to work on re-working some old skating injuries, but as it is we’ll settle for deskbanging instead. Less beer-orientated than Municipal Waste, raging instead on current affairs (well, Reagan’s long gone but, y’know, society issues, etc.), Iron Reagan sees LandPhil handling guitar with Burnette on bass. - Decibel Magazine

For sale in Malaysia only. Outside contact Tankcrimes Records.
RM20 // RM25 ppd
SOLD OUT (update Oct 5th 2012)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


SMD "The Devil Makes Me Do It" CD
"The Devil Makes Me Do It" is a 25-minute album with 15 tracks that unleashes the hardcore thrash metal sound that cannot be mistaken for any other band. In the album, S.M.D. provides strong, fast tempo beats that would send anyone into a wrath.
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/24/2012

STACK "Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit" CD
This is amazing. Not only has STACK spewed out 17 new whirlwind thrashers in just about as many minutes, they have fleshed out this CD with a discography that includes comp tracks, 7" tracks, tracks from splits and the tracks from their 6". If you haven't heard STACK before, this CD serves as both an introduction and a history lesson. If you've been a fan of STACK's unrelenting thrash in the past, wait until you hear this new stuff. Not only is the production far superior to anything they have done before but the songs are ferocious in a way that goes beyond what they've before. This is the perfect continuation of the mayhem they displayed on the CAPITALIST CASUALTIES split but even better than you or I or anyone else probably expected. They definitely elevate themselves to one of the elite thrash bands on the planet with "Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit".
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/24/2012

C.C. are really the only first wave power violence band that is still together and is as vital today as they have ever been. If you have any doubts that a band this long lived and "classic" can still pack a punch then you better get off your cynical butt and pick up this disc. After setting the mark that most extreme hardcore bands today still only hope to achieve, C.C. now go even further. This is their fastest, leanest, most intense recording to date! For the most part this is more stripped down and rowdy than previous albums. They take their sound to the nth degree and then some. It is brilliant, what more can I say?
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/24/2012

DFA "Defy False Authority" CD
Canada's D.F.A. came screaming out of the north with their ripping debut album last year and we knew right away we had to release their next record. This is a full-on sonic assault of devestating cross-over thrash like you've come to expect from Six Weeks!!! Thrash metal guitars at full throttle acceleration and tough vocals hell bent on blood, combine for a avalanche of bone-crushing remorseless hardcore. Fans of HOLIER THAN THOU? and MUNICIPAL WASTE will be instant converts to D.F.A's battering ram attack. Amazing artwork by Mike Bukowski for an added boot to the head.
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/24/2012

Wasteoid - insane grindcore, short songs, totally raging. Very well done for you grind heads. Black Market Fetus is a little more straight ahead metal. A few tunes even remind me of Kreator at points, a very good thing. I hope I didn’t get the bands mixed up. It’s kind of hard to tell who does what from the artwork.
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The masters of American Devil Metal go toe-to-toe with some evil Canadians.
RM30 // RM35 ppd // USD15 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/21/2012

Sweden's GADGET return with their first new studio tracks since 2006's classic "The Funeral March". Your brain is toast! PHOBIA celebrate their twentieth year of two-fisted grindcore supremacy with new tracks that rival anything in their storied career of whirlwind barbarity. Mastered by Scott Hull for maximum impact and ugliness! Lace up the boots, strap on your gas mask and say goodbye to your sissy ass cranial bone!
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/21/2012

ARCHAGATHUS "Mincecore Fever - 7" Anthology 2005-2010" CD
Mincecore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They sound exactly like Agathocles and Rot, to the finest detail; simple and catchy but heavy songs with two riffs maximum, blast beats, d-beats, polka beats, duel-vocal tradeoffs (one being a pitch-shifter) and made by socio-politically conscious and loveable punx. Mincecore Forever compiles all of the split 7" EPs prior to 2010 and was released by the American, Haunted Hotel Records
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide

P.L.F. "Pulverising Lethal Force" CD
Repress of the long out of print first album by this Speed Trials crowned champion. Pulverizing old-school Texan grindcore assault with a twinge of thrash metal. Seventeen hyper-fast and aggressive tunes with no metal contaminations, just pure straight thrash metal grind. Recommended to the thrashers and straight grind bangers! Featuring an ex-member of INSECT WARFARE, RACE AGAINST TIME, KNUCKLESCRAPER, and REASON OF INSANITY! Repressed CD contains updated cover art.
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide
SOLD OUT 8/21/2012

AGATHOCLES "Cliché / Pressure" CD
This cd is a re-release of 2 way out of print AGATHOCLES lp's from the early 1990's. The "CLICHE" lp is live in 1992, the "PRESSURE" lp is a split with DEADMOCRACY , and is some of AG best material. Raw raw mince recorded on a 4 track. both lp's never released on cd.
RM25 // RM30 ppd // USD13 worldwide


All band from Italy played grindcore release by a Italian label.
RM25 // RM30 // USD13 worldwide

ROTGUT “Rotfuckinggut Demo 2012” Tape
Malaysia grindcult, come with the new pro-tape demo contain 8 tracks and 1 cover song by the mighty UNHOLY GRAVE.
RM6 // RM10 ppd // USD6 worldwide

BRUTAL TRUTH “Evolution Through Revolution” Tape
American grindcore giant Brutal Truth deal with Malaysian label to release their album Evolution Through Revolution in a cassette format. Well done release. A must for collector. Selling fast!
RM7 // RM11 // USD7

HARASS “Authority Slavery” tape
D-Beat crust punk in the vein of DOOM from Penang Malaysia. Originally release in 1999 and now been re-press by the band member in 2012. Come in seal with band sticker and booklet that included interview and lyrics.
RM8 // RM12 // USD7 worldwide